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Attorney Juliana Ore-Giron On Government Abuse Of Power | Because You Matter

It kills me to see people shoved under the rug by our Government.  Too often, I have represented people wrongfully accused, mistreated or disrespected by police or Department of Children Services (DCS).  Before working as an attorney, I had no idea these abuses of power were occurring.  I mean, I had heard about it, but it seemed like such a distant cry.

Now that I work an attorney defending people's rights, that cry is a lot closer and a lot louder.  Meeting people put through the grinder of our system has really been an eye-opener for me.  My clients have suffered an awful range of mistreatments.  I have hundreds of examples, but I will tell you of two. 

One of my clients, a Hispanic man who had grown up on the streets of Los Angeles, was arrested by police officers who badly abused him.  The officers cuffed his hands and legs together at the back, placed him un-secured in the back of a police van, and then drove the van recklessly for a good long while so as to injure him as he slid around the back of the van (breaking hard, taking hard turns, accelerating quickly).  His booking photo, evidence of the journey, showed a bloodied face with a missing tooth. His ribs were broken and his body was speckled with colorful bruises.  I can only assume police were mad that he had left three bloody scenes behind-a lot of work for them to do.  We went to trial and the jury rendered a not-guilty verdict for all felony charges after I carefully pointed out how poorly the police investigated and handled the crime scenes and evidence.  My work on the case involved a very disciplined examination of the evidence, something that I am always motivated to do, but something that gave me great pleasure to do where the police had been so negligent and abusive. 

Another client, a Polynesian mother of two beautiful children, had her children taken from her as part of a plan by police to get her to rat out her husband.  She was an excellent mother who took great care of her children and had no financial struggles.  Because DCS and the police were working together, I had to rely on the judge to do the right thing and return the children to my client.  After I painstakingly detailed how the police and DCS had worked in concert to violate my client's parenting rights, the judge returned the children to my client over the objection of the government.  At the dependency trial, the judge dismissed the case.  My client was both ecstatic and relieved. 

Each client has their own struggle with their case that involves the imbalance of power with our government.  Not all police and DCS Investigators are abusive.  Many do their job well.  But every client suffers from the imbalance of power and needs experienced representation to set the sail right.  

Every client comes to me with a unique set of circumstances that compels me to fight for them.  I have a practical mind, but an emotional heart, and I feel innately driven to push each case to the max.  I use my experience and specialized knowledge to work hard for my clients, to balance the power out so that my client gets fair treatment and the best outcome possible.  I cannot guarantee success or a particular outcome of a case, but my experience and determination sure have paid off for my clients.

I cannot stand to see people shoved under the rug by anyone.  Particularly by our own government.  And especially when it involves the possibility of prison or losing our children.  We all have value.  We all matter.  I do what I do because you matter.

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