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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense - Handcuffs Clear

If you have been charged with a crime, contact the Law Office of Juliana L. Ore-Giron for a consultation. Juliana Ore-Giron has over ten years experience defending clients in hundreds of cases in both Federal and State Courts.  She provides effective and high-quality criminal defense for a broad range of criminal charges.  A local attorney who was raised in Tucson, Arizona, Juliana L. Ore-Giron is well known in the community for her honesty, diligence, determination and credibility.  This reputation and practice produces a benefit for her clients.

Juliana Ore-Giron's criminal defense practice contains a special emphasis in crimes involving domestic violence.  These are crimes that do not necessarily involve violence, but involve a family member, a significant other or a roommate.  Often in these types of cases, emotions are running so high when the police arrive that it is difficult for them to determine what happened with much certainty. Usually, the person arrested and charged with domestic violence has a side of the story that needs to be told.  Juliana Ore-Giron will make sure that story is told, through proper investigation, diligent preparation and the use of experienced courtroom skills in trial.
Juliana Ore-Giron also has vast experience with cases involving charges of drug possession and sales, armed robbery, burglary, theft, forgery, fraud, wire tapping, and others. 
The consequences of a conviction can affect your entire future. Juliana Ore-Giron understands the importance of your freedom, rights and future.  Call now for a consulation.