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Our children are our most valued treasures.  Government intrusion into that relationship can be devastating to both you and your child.  The Department of Child Services (formerly Child Protective Services: CPS) may decide to remove your child with allegations of abuse or neglect. It could be that the allegations are not correct or that the allegations are not sufficient to have moved the children.  In this case, you need an attorney who will go into court to set the record straight for the children to be returned.  It could be that the allegations are correct, and the parent needs guidance and assertive representation while making changes necessary to get the children returned.  Whichever the circumstance, when your children are taken from you, action needs to be taken.

Juliana Ore-Giron has represented hundreds of mothers, fathers and children in Juvenile Court, fighting relentlessly to keep families together and remove the government from their lives. Parents should not give up on reunificaiton. With her special background in criminal defense, Juliana Ore-Giron is sensitive to special circumstances involved for parents charged with a crime who have had children removed by DCS.  If this is your unfortunate circumstance, Juliana Ore-Giron can represent you in both cases, which simplifies the process and allows for a more unified approach to your legal challenges.

These cases require a team effort and open communication between the attorney and client.  Every family is unique and special,  Juliana Ore-Giron will communicate with you every step of the way, organizing and executing a plan that will reunite your family as quickly as possible.  


Juliana Ore-Giron also represents the interests of grandparents wanting to intervene in DCS cases or assert their rights as a grandparent.  Sometimes, where there are disputes between mothers and fathers, the grandparents are lost in the shuffle and their relationship with the grandchildren can suffer.  This is harmful to the children.  The State of Arizona favors grandparent involvement.  If you are a grandparent whose rights have been limited or denied, contact the Law Office of Juliana Ore-Giron to regain your rightful place for your grandchildren.


You may feel ready to enhance your family via adoption of a precious child.  Sometimes these children are related by blood and other times not.  Either way, Juliana Ore-Giron will  happily represent you in your pursuit to adopt a child.