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Testimonial from T.L.

“When I received the phone call that CPS was at my home waiting for me, I thought they were joking. I quickly found out how serious they were and how easily I could lose my son. I was devastated, and I tried my best to cooperate, but I was in uncharted waters. I called Juliana's office based on some quick online research and a recommendation from my paralegal. She agreed to meet me that day, and even when wires got crossed and she was preparing for a trial when I arrived, she made room for me and listened to my story. She was calm, kind, and easy to talk to and understand. She had to cut the consult short, but made sure to call me later in the evening and talk to me some more. Her advice is easy to follow, on point, and compassionate. My battle isn't over with CPS, but I no longer feel like I'm wandering around alone in the dark, completely at their mercy.” - T.L.