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Why Ending DACA is a Bad Idea

DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals) allows young unauthorized immigrants brought to the US as children to obtain temporary protection (deferred action) from deportation. The individuals are allowed to register for school, work permits and driver’s licenses. Currently, we have over 750,000 DACA recipients in our Country.

A group of state officials have threatened to sue Trump’s administration over the continued existence of DACA. They see the program as an illegal means of providing amnesty to a particular group of illegal immigrants. Trump initially promised to deport DACA recipients. Then in March he promised not to (as it is a matter of the heart). In September, he will have to re-evaluate his position on the issue.

Ending the DACA program is a bad idea. Children do not decide where their parents live. If their parents bring them to the US, and the they work hard to obey the laws and become acclimated to our country, why deport them? Doing so separates them from their parents, friends, neighbors and their life-aspirations. Splitting healthy families is never a good idea.

DACA allows our government to keep track of these individuals: to know where they live, where they work, whether or not they have been arrested or charged with crimes. Without the program, the individuals would maintain their life under the radar to work, attend school and drive without formal government documentation. It is unlikely that a decision to pull the program would result in a mass exodus of those who suddenly lost their status to stay here legally.

DACA should stay in place and continue to reward well-adjusted children by allowing them to become productive adults who contributed positively to our country.


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