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Protect Your Grandparent's Rights

Do Not Hesitate to Protect Your Grandparent’s Rights When DCS or Police May Become Involved In Your Grandchildren’s Lives.

Grandparents are sometimes faced with a situation where their grandchildren are at risk. It may be due to parental drug abuse, involvement in a violent relationship or unmanaged mental or physical health. When faced with such a situation, grandparents often do not know what to do.

If you are a grandparent finding yourself in such a situation, you should immediately consult an attorney to discuss available options. The options may include a guardianship, DCS placement, adoption and others. Your attorney may advise you to intervene in one way or another or to take some specific action to protect your grandparent’s rights.

The consultation must be completed as early on as possible.  Failure to act quickly may affect your rights because failure to act can be seen as condoning the unsafe behavior.  Failure to act can affect your ability to obtain placement or participate in your grandchildren’s lives in the way you think is best for them.

For instance, if you know that your son is impaired when he picks up his children from your home and you do nothing to stop the children from getting into the car with your son, then you have failed to protect your grandchildren.  It is also a failure to protect to not take action when you know your daughter’s husband has a violent temper and you do nothing. 

Grandparents often hesitate to get involved in an unsafe situation because they do not want to upset their child or seemingly create more danger for the grandchildren. That hesitation can be detrimental to your grandchildren and to your grandparenting rights.

The safety of the children must always come first. Consult a qualified attorney right away if you find yourself in a situation where their safety is ever at question.