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What People Are Saying About Juliana

“When I received the phone call that CPS was at my home waiting for me, I thought they were joking. I quickly found out how serious they were and how easily I could lose my son. I was devastated, and I tried my best to cooperate, but I was in uncharted waters. I called Juliana's office based on some quick online research and a recommendation from my paralegal. She agreed to meet me that day, and even when wires got crossed and she was preparing for a trial when I arrived, she made room for me and listened to my story. She was calm, kind, and easy to talk to and understand. She had to cut the consult short, but made sure to call me later in the evening and talk to me some more. Her advice is easy to follow, on point, and compassionate. My battle isn't over with CPS, but I no longer feel like I'm wandering around alone in the dark, completely at their mercy.” - T.L.

"Back in 2010, I got myself into trouble with the law. I found myself facing a long time in prison. I was fortunate to have Juliana and her expertise on my side. She went above and beyond, caring about my future even when I didn’t. Here I am 8 years later, using Juliana again to restore my rights, which is only possible because of the extra mile she went for me in the past. I would recommend Juliana for any legal matter. I am eternally grateful. - J.R."

"Julie represented me when I had a problem with DCS she was wonderful, she took care of me and my family she was always available to me she was always available to help, very kind she listen to me and treated my family with respect and she was there for us, she was definitely someone we can trust if we ever have any legal needs in the future we will definitely come back to Julie and we would recommend to 100% to anyone that's having any kind of legal issues, Julie's not just an attorney she's a person and she expresses her feelings and emotions and treat you like person -B"

"This entire process was overwhelming; this new experience was quite frankly frightful to me. My career, life, and credibility all seemed to be wavered in the blink of an eye. I believe myself to be a positive and strong individual who is well liked and looked up to in my community/work. Unfortunately, this is not the person I felt like after being falsely accused during this incident. I strongly feel it was your guidance and knowledge that added some stability to my unfortunate event. I believe you were the right attorney to fight for me and advocate on my behalf. Your team was nothing less than excellent through the entire process. Thank you very much for representing me and helping my case get dismissed."

"Juliana, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. I could not have asked for a better lawyer. - R.F."

"I highly recommend Juliana Ore-Giron as an attorney for all matters dealing with children dependency, DCS cases, guardianship, special Paternity and any matters dealing with children. She was the attorney for my son in his dependency case and her dedication to his case and sound advise resulted in a positive outcome for my son and grandson.  She was always very responsive with any questions he had, was always there in court with him, and guided him professionally throughout the entire case. In addition I have contacted her on other matters and she has always returned my calls immediately offering sound and expert advice. I highly recommend Juliana as she is extremely knowledgeable and a dedicated attorney."

"Julie Ore-Giron is the most helpful, hardworking, and professional woman. I was facing a potential misdemeanor shoplifting charge, and Mrs. Ore-Giron nonstop fought to keep my record clean. With my circumstances, it seemed impossible to avoid a charge, yet she was able to broker a settlement between all concerned. I would not have been able to achieve this if it weren’t for Mrs. Ore-Giron’s guidance. She made sure to explore every possible solution to my problem, and tried each of them until one worked. I can honestly say that without her diligence and guidance, I would have a misdemeanor on my record. Mrs. Ore-Giron always made herself available to me as soon as I needed her, and made my case a priority. I would happily recommend her to anyone seeking legal help. Her experience and determination is outstanding, and I will forever be thankful for her assistance."

"We contacted Julie during a time that our family experienced an unexpected need for legal assistance.  When working with her, we found Julie to have extremely high ethics and morals, and advanced knowledge of the law.

Julie was compassionate, attentive and immediately took command of our situation, staying a few steps ahead the entire time. Her approach alleviated our stress because we knew that we selected great advocate who was clear when we were not, and whose ethics matched ours. Thankfully, our case resulted in a positive outcome.

While we hope that we will not need an attorney in the future, if we do, we would contact Julie again in a heartbeat. ~GC"

"Extremely helpful. Did an amazing job in keeping contact and updating me with case information. Very satisfied with everything."

"As a fellow attorney I wholeheartedly recommend Juliana Ore-Giron. I've had the privilege to work with her on a few cases and her trial skills are extraordinary. Every time I work with her I learn something new. She spends countless hours preparing for evidentiary hearings and trials and her preparation shows when she is in court cross examining a witness.

Furthermore, she is passionate about her clients and is committed to representing their interests. She understands that she is not just representing a case but is representing a person or family. She has the ability to respectfully listen to a family and understand the whole range of concerns that they have.

If I had a problem in Juliana's areas of expertise, I would hire her in a minute."

"Juliana Ore-Giron is one of the most respected attorneys in Tucson.  She is always responsive to inquiries and requests be it by e-mail, phone calls or in person meetings.  She has always been able to advocate for her client’s interest in a manner that has encouraged team work in an adversarial process which in turn has earned her a reputation for being one of the most reliable, knowledgeable and effective legal advocates in town.

As a peer, I have observed her interactions with her clients in and outside of the courtroom and she has always been extremely attentive to her client’s needs and is respectful of their legal positions without compromising her professionalism and high standards of conduct.  Her experience with criminal defense work and with families involved in the DCS system has allowed her to channel her passion for justice through the legal system to ensure her clients are treated fairly and that their rights are upheld."

"Thank you Juliana. I truly appreciate all your hard work and professionalism in this matter. Should you ever pursue the abuse DCS create to foster families, I will be more than happy to help in anything you may ask or need. I was blessed to have met you and look forward in meeting you in the future on a non legal matter. Best wishes to you and your husband! Thank you! Very Respectfully, - A.J."

"Juliana helped so much and we are happy with her representation of my granddaughter during the dependencies. She has a good feeling for us and our children. I was clear that she wanted to keep the family intact, to keep the family together. Her heart is in it." - D.W.

"Ms Ore-Giron was very helpful and explained everything in a way I understood. She was always available when I had questions and made me feel good about having her in my corner. I appreciate her hard work and willingness to help."